screenshot-2016-11-09-14-35-439 Nov 2016

All Trumped Up? When the polls were wrong, Social Media was right. Again.

As everyone in BC remembers, the polling companies haven’t been getting it right when it comes to elections for a while.   Adrian Dix and the provincial NDP were supposed to win the BC Provincial Election by a landslide in May 2013 against the Liberals: he didn’t.   The Federal NDP, under Thomas Mulcair, were projected to win over the Federal Conservatives. Again, no dice.   As everyone in the polling industry tries to rationalize

patio_blog_img2 Dec 2015

Support CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Day!

Long a part of Vancouver’s history, the annual CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Day returns for 2015 on Wednesday, December 2nd. Raising over one million dollars for BC Kids on a single day in recent years – local celebrities, business leaders, sports teams and philanthropists in the Lower Mainland come together to lend a voice to kids in need in BC, and Patio is proud to support this endeavor once again!   Funds raised during this

Patio Digital Marketing Event13 Oct 2015

Patio Hosts Mobile & Digital Marketing Panel | Patio – Digital Marketing in Vancouver

The Patio team hosted a breakfast event at the beautiful restored ‘Permanent’ building, shortly after rebranding as Patio. In addition to a detailed presentation by our Tapped Mobile partner Jed Schneiderman, and an agency and brand panel discussing mobile vs. digital marketing efforts, Patio was pleased to present the West Coast launch of Shazam’s new Visual Recognition program.   Patio has partnered with Tapped Mobile to offer mobile advertising services to our clients in Western Canada.

Social Media in Vancouver21 Aug 2015

Patio. What’s in a Name? | Patio – Social Media in Vancouver

Patio – Social Media in Vancouver, Digital & Communications re-branded at the end of August 2015. After an incredibly successful five years operating as Patio Social Inc (launched by Managing Director, Megan Halkett) the re-brand was necessary as we've expanded our services since opening our doors in June 2010. The company has evolved dramatically in the last five years - as anything related to tech and digital must evolve to survive, remain relevant and grow.

Digital Marketing22 Jul 2015

Social Advertising vs. Search Advertising: What is Right for You? | Patio – Digital Marketing in Vancouver

When launching a digital marketing campaign, many of our clients are unsure as to whether they should focus on search advertising (such as Google AdWords) or social advertising (social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter ads). Our advice is always the same: both forms offer benefits and disadvantages, so take a look at what you want to promote and your target demographic, and select the service that’s right for your brand.   Confused? Let us break those pros and cons

social media marketing14 Jun 2015

Broadcasting Events to the World with Periscope | Patio – Social Media Marketing in Vancouver

Taking the essence of social media marketing to the next level, Periscope (and its closest competitor, Meerkat) is simply a live video streaming app that allows users to essentially treat their smartphones as mobile webcams. Free to use and extremely intuitive, this Twitter-owned app is becoming increasingly popular with Generations Y and Z. It may also very well be one of the most quickly-adopted social media apps by brands worldwide.   Patio Social used Periscope

Call To Action25 May 2015

Add a Call-to-Action to Your Facebook Page| Patio – Social Media in Vancouver

You may have noticed a small addition to your business’ Facebook page recently, amongst other changes. This new feature, when used correctly, can put more eyes on your brand’s primary objective and help create more conversions. A new social media feature just come out. The Call-to-Action button is featured at the top of your Page, laid over top of the header image. The seven options available are: Book Now Contact Us Use App Play Game

Online Advertising Vancouver8 May 2015

Time to Consider a Monthly Spend?| Patio – Social Media Advertising

How do you decide where to spend advertising dollars? Do you do a 50/50 split with online and offline? Do you put more money into online ads to extend your ad budget? The answers on what to do vary as vastly as the advertising opportunities themselves, but the question you should really ask yourself is: “Is this channel frequented by my target audience?” Social media advertising opportunities - such as Facebook ads, Facebook promoted posts, and Twitter advertising - face

Digital Agency in Vancouver12 Apr 2015

Prepare for a dip in your Facebook Business Page likes | Patio – Digital Agency in Vancouver

Digital Agency in Vancouver Our digital agency in Vancouver has discovered that Facebook quietly announced that they are updating the way that businesses’ Page likes are counted. While this change will contribute to a more accurate analysis of audience demographics and interests, businesses need to understand that they may see a small dip in their number of Page likes as a result. Here’s what’s happening: Users who have previously liked your page but now have deactivated

mobile advertising in Vancouver15 Nov 2014

Instagram Advertising Comes to Canada | Patio – Mobile Advertising in Vancouver

As is the way with most changes in technology and digital communications, mobile advertising in Vancouver has finally come to Canada with Instagram after being rolled out in the US  much earlier this year. While users may not be too upset about the delay in this new feature, Canadian brands have been itching to have their content seen by more eyes within this popular social media app.  However, one thing is for sure: these same