The Twitterverse Expands: What’s Changing & How to Take Advantage

Twitter’s recent switch to 280 characters took many users by surprise. Stubborn so long, the social channel has been criticized for an unwillingness to innovate and adapt. No more. Character limit is just the beginning of changes planned for the platform. Twitter wants to be more competitive, make investors happier and make things overall easier for users.   Some of the details are still vague, but it appears Twitter is committed to improving the user experience

No News is Good News for Facebook

As you’ve probably heard by now, Facebook is planning big changes to the algorithms that dictate the look of users’ News Feeds. Or maybe you haven’t. If you’re not in the business of posting and tracking advertisements (as we are at Patio), it might not have registered at all in your on-line sphere of news and information. Because it’s not really “of interest” to you.   And that in a nutshell is what’s happening. The

RocktheBlock_Website9 Nov 2017

Rock the Block: Protecting Your Brand in the Era of Network Advertising

  In 1984, as Ronald Reagan was stumping for re-election, he was moved by the rousing call of a current radio hit. Missing the point completely, his campaign reached out to Bruce Springsteen to ask about using Born in the USA at Republican rallies. Bruce said no way. The 'trickle-down' politician was just not in line with Bruce’s workingman brand.   As a business that advertises on Facebook and its Audience Network, you have the same right

FacebookAd_Website29 Aug 2017

The Land of Facebook Advertising: A Road Map

  The Facebook advertising world can be a daunting world to navigate. And with about two to three updates a week, the road can often take unexpected twists and turns you’ll need to watch out for. But these detours can lead to new and exciting ways to reach your business goals. So, we’d like to offer up a road map to help you navigate through all the statistics and demographics and algorithms (oh my!) that

FakeNews2 Aug 2017

#FakeNews Takes its Toll

  As part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to curtail the “spread of misinformation and false news” on its platform, the company has implemented new rules around posting links. To borrow a phrase: U Can’t Touch This.   Unless you’re a media publisher AND you own the website domain to which the post links (and authorize it as such with Facebook by Sept 12, 2017), you will no longer be able to alter the headline, description,

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.40.56 AM14 Jul 2017

The Dawn, Deception and Possible Demise of The Influencer

        Look! Up in the sky…   Okay, now back down at your phone. See how Instagram has been quietly revolutionizing the online marketing world for the past few years. Beckoning forth, from the far reaches of fashion blogs and reality TV, a powerful new being, that has now emerged with a very powerful-new-being name:   It’s a purse! It’s a car! It’s… The Influencer.   She doesn’t wear a cape (unless

SocialMediaDay2017header30 Jun 2017

HIGH 5s and Low 5s, for Social Media Day 2017

  Happy #SMDay! Here at Patio, we spend a bit (a lot) of time peering into this weird and wonderful window to the world. It’s safe to say that if it’s trending, trolling or gone viral, we’ve seen it, passed it around, LOL’d or WTF’d, praised it or slapped a proverbial palm to the face. This past year especially, there’s been a lot of both; so to celebrate this medium we all love so much, we

CASL GDPR CDM28 Jun 2017

CASL, GDPR, CEM and Other Letters That Could Spell Trouble

  On July 1st, 2017, the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is getting an upgrade. Here’s what you need to know come Canada Day as a small business in Canada that uses digital tools as a primary method of marketing or sales.   First, a little history. In 2014, the federal government passed CASL in order to battle the onslaught of spam to Canadians’ inboxes. It set regulations around – and ascribes pretty hefty punishments to