facebook-desktop-pages-layout11 Aug 2016

Facebook Pages had a Makeover: New Desktop Pages Layout

Over the last week or so, we're sure many marketers have noticed that the layout of Facebook Pages has changed for desktop users. At first glance, the design looks cleaner and navigation through the contents on the page are more intuitive. Let’s take a look at the noteable changes:   The profile picture previously occupied the bottom left hand corner of the cover photo and blocked part of that image. Now, it has moved into

Instagram Stories5 Aug 2016

Instagram is telling their own Story

  Let's not fret over the “oh-my-gosh, Instagram copied Snapchat” news and focus on the tactics: Should brands adopt Instagram’s latest Stories feature?   Launched this past Tuesday, Stories is, well, similar to Snapchat’s Stories! Here’s the low-down if you’re not already familiar with Snapchat. Users can seamlessly create Stories made up of a mixture of photos and videos to post to their Instagram account that will last for only 24 hours. Then they disappear

post-blog16 Jun 2016

The Best Notebooks for all those Creative Juices

Being a digital agency, we work in a paperless office and pride ourselves in our minimal carbon footprint, however, we do believe that sometimes the best impromptu ideas are housed in that oh-so-perfect notebook. Kind of like how writers like Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde were said to have their own pocket notebooks, jotting down thoughts as soon as moments of inspiration hit them. And so, we like to think that’s how characters like Robert

post-blog10 Jun 2016

Instagram Banners: Your Artistic Canvas

  In developing and portraying your brand through Instagram, thought should go into your profile gallery as a whole in addition to each individual image. Does the look and feel of your account represent your overall brand? Is it cohesive and consistent? For those that like to think a little outside-the-box, there is a playful way to carefully craft a visually stunning Instagram profile by re-imagining your gallery as a canvas of artwork, of sorts.

VR_Blog_Post19 Apr 2016

Patio Favourites: Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is here, really.  But is it really good?  The short answer is it will be.  Really soon.  There are currently an overwhelming number of underwhelming VR experiences available to anyone with a smartphone and some spare cardboard.  There are however, a handful of examples that will get any fearful naysayer excited about what’s to come.  For your viewing pleasure we rounded up a sample of some of the most innovative and

PatioKimK058 Mar 2016

Do You Speak Emoji?

  In a few short years emojis have become a part of our language, a fact that was confirmed by the Oxford Dictionary when they named “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji as the official word of 2015, much to the dismay of English professors everywhere.  Naturally, emojis have integrated smoothly into visual platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, in some cases even shaping the content that appears on these platforms.  Emojis have also been popular