post-blog-insta-comments-026 Dec 2016

Instagram is starting to look more “like” Facebook

Instagram is starting to look more “like” Facebook. It is now possible to like comments on Instagram posts from any account, on any account. The new feature was introduced to some accounts this morning and will reach 500 million + users over the next two weeks.   When viewing the comments on a post, a heart icon will appear along the side, allowing the user to “like” another user’s comment and display the collective number

screenshot-2016-11-09-14-35-439 Nov 2016

All Trumped Up? When the polls were wrong, Social Media was right. Again.

As everyone in BC remembers, the polling companies haven’t been getting it right when it comes to elections for a while.   Adrian Dix and the provincial NDP were supposed to win the BC Provincial Election by a landslide in May 2013 against the Liberals: he didn’t.   The Federal NDP, under Thomas Mulcair, were projected to win over the Federal Conservatives. Again, no dice.   As everyone in the polling industry tries to rationalize

facebook-desktop-pages-layout11 Aug 2016

Facebook Pages had a Makeover: New Desktop Pages Layout

Over the last week or so, we're sure many marketers have noticed that the layout of Facebook Pages has changed for desktop users. At first glance, the design looks cleaner and navigation through the contents on the page are more intuitive. Let’s take a look at the noteable changes:   The profile picture previously occupied the bottom left hand corner of the cover photo and blocked part of that image. Now, it has moved into

Social Media Day30 Jun 2016

Social Media Day 2016: A Year in Review

  To celebrate Social Media Day, we’ve made a list of the most notable changes to our favourite platforms this year.   Twitter   Let’s kick things off with Twitter, which has arguably undergone the most fundamental changes over the past twelve months. Despite facing public outcry and triggering the #RIPTwitter trend in response to the move from a chronological news feed to an algorithmically determined feed, Twitter continues to thrive with 310 million monthly

VR_Blog_Post19 Apr 2016

Patio Favourites: Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is here, really.  But is it really good?  The short answer is it will be.  Really soon.  There are currently an overwhelming number of underwhelming VR experiences available to anyone with a smartphone and some spare cardboard.  There are however, a handful of examples that will get any fearful naysayer excited about what’s to come.  For your viewing pleasure we rounded up a sample of some of the most innovative and

patio_img-post_blog13 Apr 2016

Is Twitter’s Moments One to Remember?

Twitter released a new product in Canada yesterday not-so originally named Moments (not to be associated and confused with Facebook’s Moments app). Hoping to lure in new adopters and encourage reluctant users that have previously tried and abandoned the platform, Twitter’s latest feature displays a curated collection of daily trending topics categorized into News, Entertainment, Sports, and Fun. Moments was released in the U.S. about six months earlier before being launched into Canada. The best

patio_img_blog_insta16 Mar 2016

Instagram may not be so instant anymore

  Instagram announced Tuesday night that the way users view their beloved news feed could be changing in the coming months. Following the lead of Facebook’s news feed change back in 2009, Instagram will abandon the chronological order of posts, used since it launched in 2010. “On average, people miss about 70% of the posts in their Instagram feed,” says co-founder Kevin Systrom.   The order photos appear will be curated for each user, based

patio_blog_img2 Dec 2015

Support CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Day!

Long a part of Vancouver’s history, the annual CKNW Orphans’ Fund Pledge Day returns for 2015 on Wednesday, December 2nd. Raising over one million dollars for BC Kids on a single day in recent years – local celebrities, business leaders, sports teams and philanthropists in the Lower Mainland come together to lend a voice to kids in need in BC, and Patio is proud to support this endeavor once again!   Funds raised during this

UnionMetricsEcho_1170x4006 Nov 2015

Travel back in Twitter time with Union Metrics Echo | Patio – Social Media in Vancouver

  Until now, searching for patterns, hashtag history or social trends on Twitter has been fairly difficult to do, especially when a user wants to examine tweets from the channel’s almost 10-year database. But Union Metrics has unveiled a new search engine that can delve deep into the file cabinet that stores tweets from users all over the world, no matter how long they have been online. Echo, a Twitter archive analysis and reporting tool,

Patio Digital Marketing Event13 Oct 2015

Patio Hosts Mobile & Digital Marketing Panel | Patio – Digital Marketing in Vancouver

The Patio team hosted a breakfast event at the beautiful restored ‘Permanent’ building, shortly after rebranding as Patio. In addition to a detailed presentation by our Tapped Mobile partner Jed Schneiderman, and an agency and brand panel discussing mobile vs. digital marketing efforts, Patio was pleased to present the West Coast launch of Shazam’s new Visual Recognition program.   Patio has partnered with Tapped Mobile to offer mobile advertising services to our clients in Western Canada.