FakeNews2 Aug 2017

#FakeNews Takes its Toll

  As part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to curtail the “spread of misinformation and false news” on its platform, the company has implemented new rules around posting links. To borrow a phrase: U Can’t Touch This.   Unless you’re a media publisher AND you own the website domain to which the post links (and authorize it as such with Facebook by Sept 12, 2017), you will no longer be able to alter the headline, description,

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.40.56 AM14 Jul 2017

The Dawn, Deception and Possible Demise of The Influencer

        Look! Up in the sky…   Okay, now back down at your phone. See how Instagram has been quietly revolutionizing the online marketing world for the past few years. Beckoning forth, from the far reaches of fashion blogs and reality TV, a powerful new being, that has now emerged with a very powerful-new-being name:   It’s a purse! It’s a car! It’s… The Influencer.   She doesn’t wear a cape (unless

facebook-desktop-pages-layout11 Aug 2016

Facebook Pages had a Makeover: New Desktop Pages Layout

Over the last week or so, we're sure many marketers have noticed that the layout of Facebook Pages has changed for desktop users. At first glance, the design looks cleaner and navigation through the contents on the page are more intuitive. Let’s take a look at the noteable changes:   The profile picture previously occupied the bottom left hand corner of the cover photo and blocked part of that image. Now, it has moved into

Instagram Stories5 Aug 2016

Instagram is telling their own Story

  Let's not fret over the “oh-my-gosh, Instagram copied Snapchat” news and focus on the tactics: Should brands adopt Instagram’s latest Stories feature?   Launched this past Tuesday, Stories is, well, similar to Snapchat’s Stories! Here’s the low-down if you’re not already familiar with Snapchat. Users can seamlessly create Stories made up of a mixture of photos and videos to post to their Instagram account that will last for only 24 hours. Then they disappear

Social Media Day30 Jun 2016

Social Media Day 2016: A Year in Review

  To celebrate Social Media Day, we’ve made a list of the most notable changes to our favourite platforms this year.   Twitter   Let’s kick things off with Twitter, which has arguably undergone the most fundamental changes over the past twelve months. Despite facing public outcry and triggering the #RIPTwitter trend in response to the move from a chronological news feed to an algorithmically determined feed, Twitter continues to thrive with 310 million monthly