SEO  – search engine optimization – is quite a buzzword in this day and age of digital marketing in Vancouver. Despite what many SEO companies may lead you to believe, it’s not simply hiding a few hot-ticket keywords in the text of your organization’s website. To have a successful online presence, businesses need to expand their view to include substantial searchability through social media.

Pinterest, the image-based platform popular with a broad range of age and interest groups, allows businesses to optimize their pins by editing the descriptions to include common search terms or phrases. Businesses can also edit their board names and descriptions, providing another way to get their business in front of purchase-ready consumers.

Even better, Pinterest has announced a new feature that allows businesses to have their content seen by more people. Rolling out over the next short while, the social media channel is introducing specialized interest categories, or sub-topics, that will run at the top of each category page. For example, visiting the Outdoors category may bring up outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing or camping. Users can then click these sub-interests, browse pins from other like-minded pinners and even follow the specialized interest category to have those pins appear directly in their home page feeds.

This means that businesses now have a new avenue within the site for brand exposure, if they are using keywords appropriately. By using similar terms to these specialized interests, brands can ensure that images that they’ve pinned are now included on these pages. As users begin to follow these feeds, appropriately-captioned images will ensure increased impressions. Most importantly, this means even users who weren’t previously using the same search terms as businesses were, will be more likely to discover or stumble upon images in the same interest category.

The new feature was introduced last week and will be rolled out for both the website and Android & iPhone apps soon, so ensure your brand’s pins, board and board descriptions are optimized to take advantage!

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