As is the way with most changes in technology and digital communications, mobile advertising in Vancouver has finally come to Canada with Instagram after being rolled out in the US  much earlier this year. While usersMcDonaldsInstagramAd may not be too upset about the delay in this new feature, Canadian brands have been itching to have their content seen by more eyes within this popular social media app.  However, one thing is for sure: these same brands north of the border will benefit from seeing what American companies did right, and what tactics fell flat.

1. Creating ads with a natural feel

Because the Instagram ads will appear sandwiched in between selfies and #foodporn images, brands will do well to reflect these concepts. Standing out too much from a regular feed will startle the user – in a negative way. Integrated content with subtle nods to the brand, logo or feel of your organization will succeed.

2. Using theLevisIntagamAd appeal of adventure and stunning landscapes

Many Instagrammers don’t just follow their friends and family.  Since it is a highly-visual channel, users tend to seek out photographers, adventurers and explorers who showcase activities and places that the user cannot access in their daily life. As a brand, surrounding your brand or product with these same things will encourage a positive response to your ad.





3. Write clever captionsBenandJerrysIntagramAd

Yes, Instagram is all about the image… but copywriting skills can still come in handy. A few catchy words, funny hashtags or witty references can win over a user. Use this small space to demonstrate your knowledge of pop culture or current memes – even a few hashtag puns can work well in increasing engagement.

Because Instagram ads will be directly integrated into users’ feeds, brands should sidestep traditional ad tactics, and never break the ‘flow’ of a traditional user experience. If advertisers avoid an in-your-face approach, and acknowledge the aspects that make the image-sharing platform such a successful social media channel in the first place, brand campaigns should see a high value level in Canada.

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