Twitter released a new product in Canada yesterday not-so originally named Moments (not to be associated and confused with Facebook’s Moments app). Hoping to lure in new adopters and encourage reluctant users that have previously tried and abandoned the platform, Twitter’s latest feature displays a curated collection of daily trending topics categorized into News, Entertainment, Sports, and Fun.

Moments was released in the U.S. about six months earlier before being launched into Canada. The best buzz-worthy tweets will contain Canadian relevant stories, specially curated by a team of journalists based in Toronto. This means more Trudeau than Trump and more Drake than Kanye. Users will notice a new tab distinguishably marked by a lightning bolt appearing in the desktop and mobile app. Designed to resemble a news app of sorts, Moments hopes to address Twitter’s slowed down user growth by attracting users back into the market using a more mainstream appeal.


If you’re an “I already have it figured out thank you very much” Twitter user then this feature is not for you. Creating new users or hoping for the adoption of former ones through this attractive and simplified feature can be good news for marketers. We have greater opportunity to be engaged in the right conversations and featured in the collections of stories surrounding a particular news item in Moments. Don’t take shelter from the lightning bolt, take a look and see if Twitter’s new product will be meaningful for you.


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