You would never build an office tower today that wasn’t accessible for all, but often the accessibility of website content does not get the same consideration.  Since many websites are created using website development WordPress, we looked into the best WordPress plugins available for increased accessibility. Our top two finds address the needs for increased font size and text-to-speech capabilities.


While mainly developed to be used as a text-to-speech tool – whether it be for websites, apps or RSS feeds – SoundGecko has also created a way to convert website content to an audio format from the back end of the website. This means that website developers can give visitors the option to listen to the content without having to install an app or tool.

Developers have two options with SoundGecko: the first is to install a WordPress widget that automatically adds a Listen button at the end or beginning of each blog post; the second is to input the Listen Button code in any text section of the website. Either way, you are quickly and easily making your site more accessible and therefore expanding your audience.


Sometimes the simplest change to your website is also the most necessary for viewers. Allowing visitors to change the preset font size of your website copy is one of the easiest ways to improve user experience. There are many plugins that have been developed for WordPress website development sites, however many only work with text within your blog posts. The WordPress plugin wpTextResize allows users to increase or decrease the size of the majority of text on your site, including headers, sidebars and footers. It also works with responsive website templates – meaning it will work with a user’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Other than installing tools like these plugins for your website, you can also take simple steps that go a long way. Providing thorough alt text and descriptions for all images, using strong contrast between text and background, avoiding the use of CAPTCHAs, and avoiding the use of blinking images all help to remove barriers for people with vision loss or cognitive disabilities.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your website doesn’t need to be optimized for accessibility – make the effort and reach more people.

Have a great plugin you have used on your site? Let us know!

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