Over the last week or so, we’re sure many marketers have noticed that the layout of Facebook Pages has changed for desktop users. At first glance, the design looks cleaner and navigation through the contents on the page are more intuitive. Let’s take a look at the noteable changes:



The profile picture previously occupied the bottom left hand corner of the cover photo and blocked part of that image. Now, it has moved into a new column on the left side of the page. This means fewer constrictions for designers (let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief), as the cover photo is no longer impeded. Images now have even more of an impact than copy on viewers – which means more time should be spent on creating engaging, captivating designs. Facebook outlines dimensions for both the cover photo and profile picture on their Help Centre page.



You can easily search for posts within a page using the search bar in the right handed column. Instead of scrolling for what may seem like months to get to content you recall seeing days prior, users can now access important information faster.



The call-to-action button has increased in both size and vibrancy. Ask your fans to Learn More, Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us and more, in a format that can’t be missed. Any change to enhance the call-to-action is a-ok with us!



The updated navigation lies in the left-handed column under the profile picture, and includes familiar tabs such as About, Photos, Videos, and Events, while previews of these content types sandwich the Page Feed on the right side. This provides the user with a quick summary of the brand’s information, content, reviews and more without having to scroll or click excessively.


In contrast to many of Facebook’s updates in the past year or two, the new design of the desktop page layout adds value to both the brand and user experience. It’s easy to look forward to more changes like this in the future!

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