Virtual reality is here, really.  But is it really good?  The short answer is it will be.  Really soon.  There are currently an overwhelming number of underwhelming VR experiences available to anyone with a smartphone and some spare cardboard.  There are however, a handful of examples that will get any fearful naysayer excited about what’s to come.  For your viewing pleasure we rounded up a sample of some of the most innovative and memorable VR experiences to date.


1. Wild Within by Destination BC
There’s no denying that the West Coast is the best coast.  Destination BC created the Wild Within VR experience to showcase the beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest to people all over the world.  Filmed with state of the art drone-mounted cameras, viewers are invited to take a trip through the mountain or ride along the ocean in a zodiac.  This VR experience is a perfectly portable tool for destination marketing organizations allowing them to take their show on the road.

2. VRinOR by Medical Realities
The name says it all. This livestream event brought viewers from around the world into the operating room of Royal London Hospital.  The broadcast degree showed Dr. Sahfi Ahmed performing a surgery to remove a tumor and allowed viewers wearing Oculus or Google Cardboard headsets to examine all aspects of the operation in 360 degree video.  Medical Realities aims to create a teaching tool for medical students and ultimately provide training for students living in remote locations.  This was the first foray into VR for Medical Realities, although they plan on developing more teachable VR experiences incorporating features like live chat.

3. TrailScape by Merrell
Merrell hiking shoes partnered with Oscar-winning effects house Framestore, to create the first ever (commercial) walkable VR experience, leaving participants breathless.  Participants were taken on a virtual excursion through Italy’s famous Dolomite Mountains without leaving the safety of the Merrell showroom.  This demo allowed participants to experience the thrill of mountain climbing with the hope to inspire them to embark on their own adventures.


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