Digital Strategy, Analysis, Reporting & Recommendations


On the surface, digital marketing success can often seem difficult to determine, especially when the goal is brand awareness or creating brand affinity and not immediate conversions such as online sales. This is why Patio strives to provide our clients with complete, 360-degree analysis of website traffic, social media channel engagement and digital advertising efforts on a weekly, monthly or bi-annual basis.


At Patio, we create digital strategies based on research, analysis, current and forecasted trends. We use all the analysis and reporting to guide our informed recommendations. We help clients create their short term and long term digital strategies for their businesses as well as overall strategic business planning.


We use a variety of tools and monitor numerous key metrics tailored to your end goals. Furthermore, we don’t just push numbers and leave it at that – our team will translate any complicated reporting statistics and metrics, and suggest and/or execute recommended changes based on the information given.


These services are included with all Patio client contracts managed on a continuing basis.

Digital Strategy, Analysis, Reporting & Recommendations

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