Social Media
Crisis Management

Social Media Crisis Management is one of the skills that Patio has earned a strong reputation in executing well. In times of tragedy or outward-communication breakdown, social media channels are often the first to attract public attention, and are the go-to for a source of information for media. However, a rushed or reactive response to these situations can be just as damaging as radio silence if a company’s employees are not carefully prepared. Patio has assisted companies in many crisis situations to develop appropriate outgoing communication for both external and internal audiences. Our team uses several listening tools 24/7 during these critical periods, and is prepared to make recommendations for action and/or take control of outgoing social media communications if necessary.


As well, Patio works with clients to prepare statements and protocols for all levels of employees and brand channels before any crisis arises, so that all staff are aware of the appropriate steps to be followed in any situation.



Social Media Crisis Management


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