You can add as much content as you can to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels, but without analyzing the response and engagement from your target audience, you can never be sure that you are reaching your marketing goals. There are many social media analytics tools out there, but after trying out a number of others, we’ve narrowed down our favourite stand-alone tool as Topsy, a social search and social analytics tool with several levels of features.

At its most basic level, Topsy is a kind of social media search engine that allows users to get a better glimpse of the conversations taking place about a particular topic. Users can enter a search term (usually a hashtag) and instantly see tweets from the past hour, day, week, month or years past. Wondering how many people were talking about your campaign during its launch? Use the Advanced Search tool to narrow down the dates – and see the results immediately. Topsy promises to provide exact counts for any date range and any term.


Topsy search results for “#vancouver” between July 1-4, 2013: 7,945 tweets.

The database that Topsy collects from extends back in time quite a ways, and is therefore extremely large – the website claims that the tool has used several technologies to index “over 100 billion items.” ( This means that you can compare past campaigns to ones that you are currently running – and allows you to adjust accordingly. Users can also create email alerts for certain search terms if they are trying to track conversations in real-time.

Another feature in the basic offerings is a free search comparison, allowing users to compare mentions of up to three different queries during a specific time period. Want to know how your brand’s social media reach is fairing when put up against your competitor? Enter in both brand names and a comprehensive chart will appear detailing the number of mentions. Topsy will count the number of times tweets, terms, topics, slogans, hashtags or Twitter handles (the @-name) appear.


Topsy’s analytics tool shows the # of mentions of up to three terms for a certain time period.

Topsy also offers a number of extremely useful tools in their premium versions. Users can discover who their top influencer is, what content is resonating with their followers, additional related terms, what the general sentiment about the term is, and where the conversation is happening. One of the best analytics tools is Exposure, where you can view both total & cumulative potential impressions for a term in a specific time frame – even down to the minute. Not sure if these features are helpful for your brand? You can try them all for free for a 14-day trial period before committing. And best of all, Topsy is a Twitter-certified product. In fact, Twitter is even listed on their Customer page.

Want some insight into your brand’s online marketing Vancouver performance? Topsy’s basic features are free and easy to use, and provide results instantly. While Topsy isn’t a be-all end-all tool, it definitely can give you a better look at your social media reach.

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