Internet marketing services and social media are changing: hashtags are becoming more and more commonplace – not only online but on television and print materials as well. They are an extremely powerful way to bring a conversation into a focused area and dedicated space, while still allowing people to participate from all over the world in real-time. Hashtags allow people and brands to track information, share movements and spread messages.

It only follows, then, that tools to make hashtags more useful would emerge, whether it’s to find, follow or add context to a particular word or phrase. While there are a number out there, only a few are user-friendly, have a clean interface, and most importantly, are free. Twubs (shortened from Twitter hubs) meets all of these requirements. Recently, it has released a free, Twitter API-compliant Twitter chat tool that allows tweets, pics and videos to be streamed into a single branded page.

The features created by Twubs makes it an ideal tool for brands and businesses. Not only can you create a branded landing page for the conversation surrounding a particular hashtag, with your logo and branding, the interface also separates the host’s tweets from the other participants’ tweets, meaning that the voice of the brand will always be highlighted (literally and figuratively). This handy tool also aggregates tweets from Twitter in real-time, meaning you have a much more effective hand in moderating and performing damage control if needed. However, moderation may not even be necessary since Twubs also blocks spam and abuse. And for all the marketing minds out there, Twubs is SEO-friendly – meaning taking a few minutes to set up a chat page can only add to your online presence.

Ever considered hosting a Twitter Chat? These online meetings can feature a Q&A with a particular personality (ie. an author, a CEO or an employee who can provide a behind-the-scenes point-of-view), or a discussion around a particular topic, or a conversation in anticipation of an event. Twitter Chats can be a great way to make use of hashtags, but are often difficult to follow because of extraneous chatter. This is where Twubs can step in. You can use the site to create a branded page for a specific chat event. Add your chat to Twubs’ global calendar, and you can make it easier for other Twubs users to discover your chat and join in. Promote the event on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels, and you instantly have a great online space for you to concentrate your interactions with fans and followers surrounding a particular topic or event.

Because Twubs uses an API that follows Twitter guidelines, we can be sure that Twubs will be around for the long haul, and the CEO Tony Ferraro promises that they will continuously add new features to improve the user and organizer experience. More than 20,000 companies already use the tool worldwide, making it the next go-to service for professionals on Twitter. Why not try to schedule a chat today?

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