Patio – Social Media in Vancouver, Digital & Communications re-branded at the end of August 2015. After an incredibly successful five years operating as Patio Social Inc (launched by Managing Director, Megan Halkett) the re-brand was necessary as we’ve expanded our services since opening our doors in June 2010. The company has evolved dramatically in the last five years – as anything related to tech and digital must evolve to survive, remain relevant and grow.


When Megan founded the company, most corporations did not have any in-house social media staff, let alone teams of people. Pinterest & Instagram also launched the same year as Patio Social in 2010. What a different five years makes!


Although Megan is still one of the leading communications and expert in social media in Vancouver, she has expanded the companies services by bringing on new team members over the last five years. Patio now has leading experts in all digital & tech services and has been operating as a full-service digital agency for the last two years.


It was time to update the company brand/name to reflect all the services the Patio team provided for every client each day. No longer a boutique social media house but a full web design, development and everything digital marketing and communications agency. The Patio brand was launched.


Social Media in Vancouver | Phone, email us to discuss Patio’s services 604.428.4999 | | @wearepatio

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